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Monday, May 6, 2013

It's been too long...

Fat baby, I'm so sorry I've neglected this space, I've been so busy just enjoying watching you and your brother grow and love each other that I don't really have the time (that and you don't let me) to sit at the computer and write a post.  So, this will be a picture post of what we've missed.

 photo 20130110_123701-1.jpg
 photo 20130119_171945.jpg
 photo 316959_335046426609791_1238928640_n.jpg
 photo 20130209_125346_zps5198b838.jpg
 photo 20130305_090509_zpsffdb2a6b.jpg
 photo 20130310_202122_zpsfcccd0ca.jpg
 photo 20130310_202046-1_zpsfb8d7503.jpg
 photo 20130316_131316_zps079e5bba.jpg
 photo PicsArt_1363873576716_zps21176181.jpg
 photo 20130331_085033_zps85cdd85f.jpg
 photo 20130331_085009_zpsb5e0ab79.jpg
 photo 20130330_154434_zps9c1dadaf.jpg
 photo 20130330_154027_zps6e3c7a72.jpg
 photo 20130330_153545_zpsa51ece96.jpg
 photo 20130330_140529_zpse78702b8.jpg
 photo 20130330_145606_zps1e20e9da.jpg
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 photo 20130426_185906_zps85a0488e.jpg

Monday, January 21, 2013


Really?  No.  Let me double check...

Yep, 10 months today.


You finally made it out of the living room last week, ha ha, you had to come find mommy.  Plus, the bathroom is a much more interesting (disgusting) place to play!

You said "uh oh" on Saturday, you copied mommy, it was so cute.

NO TEETH YET!  Sometimes you suck your lips in and look like a little old lady, it's cute.

You want to hold your bottle all by yourself, all the time now.  You are so independent.

Your hair, I've had to start clipping your bangs out of your face!  Daddy wants me to cut it, if he does I let him know that I'll cut him.

You love your brother so much, no one makes you laugh as hard as he does, he loves you, too.

You are such a smart girl, you grasp things mentally that I never thought possible.  I love to watch you grow and learn every single day.

You are beautiful, in every single way.

Love you always,