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Friday, October 21, 2011

Hey, there, baby.

Well, not a lot have been going on lately with you, huh?  I feel you every now and then when  you give me a good wollop, which I appreciate, it lets me know that things are still okay in there.  We got our bloodwork back and so far we're cleared for all the normal stuff, but we're still waiting on the CF test.  I really hope I'm not a carrier, and if I am I really hope you're okay.  You have to be okay.

Our next appointment isn't until November 10th, and we won't even know what you are until around Thanksgiving, that seems so far away!  I want to give you a name, but not just any name, YOUR name.

I love you baby, just please keep cooking away.

Mommy, daddy, and big brother Eli love you very much.

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