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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Three weeks

How is it that three weeks have come to pass already?  You're such a fantastic little baby, you have your moments, but you make things pretty easy for us.

Right now you have a bit of congestion.  It's heartbreaking to hear you struggle to breathe through you nose now and then, I think it's messing with your sleep.  I guess one thing I never considered was your brother bringing a bug home from daycare, though I don't know how I missed that because he was sick for the first two months of the year.  Oh well, it will pass.

You're so alert now, you were from the beginning, really.  You have more awake time, though.  Your brother loves you so much, I've finally started letting him hold you (with my help).  When I try to take you back he says "NO, MY BABY!"  He's going to be your best friend.

We are so happy you're here with us, you're daddy's little girl already.

We love you, Mischa.  Always have and always will.

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