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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Thank you!

Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for still having a heartbeat.  I have been just sick with worry the past few days just wondering if you were still alive in there.  But you are, and I'm so happy!

You were pretty active, too!  Flipping around and punching, even giving us the loser sign on your forehead.

And the tech gave a guess, just for fun, that you're going to be a girl, but I'm not counting my chickens just yet.  I still think you might be a little boy.  Either way, baby, I love you whole heartedly.

Tech also told us that since the placenta is up top-ish that instead of kicking and punching me, you'll be punching that, ha ha.  Don't be too hard on your placenta, little one, you'll need that for a little while.

As always, I love you and I'm so happy you're doing well!

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