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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Just Stuff

Well, baby, you are currently 11 weeks 2 days in your gestational age, and you seem to be going a little easier on me (other than the headaches, if those could ease up that would be great).  But I tell you, you sure like to take up a lot of space down there!  I feel huge already, and although I'm too overweight right now to see it, I know there's a baby bump because I feel you stretching out constantly.  It's fairly uncomfortable, but if it makes you happy then it makes me happy.  You grow as big as you need to be to become that giant healthy baby that we will meet in March.

Not a whole lot to report little baby b, our next appointment isn't until the end of the month and you better have that heartbeat good and strong so mommy and the doctor can hear it.  Daddy doesn't work that day so he may actually be able to make it to hear you!

Keep hanging out down there, baby.  We're excited for you.  We just bought a stroller for you and your big brother to cruise around in when you finally come.

Love you.

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