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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

And you are...

A girl!  I got to see you for so long yesterday, baby girl.  You're absolutely beautiful and perfect, I knew you would be.  Growing big and strong and healthy, becoming a perfect little sister to your big brother.  It's hard to think that in only three months you will be here with us, breathing and growing and smiling and cooing, all those little baby things that I adore.

Daddy is pretty excited, too, though he tried to hide it.  He bought your very first baby outfit: a nice warm footie jammie that's light purple with white polka dots and it says "I Love Daddy".  He also was already trying to pick out your name last night so we have a couple in mind, we can't wait to know your name.

Okay, baby, I have to go wrangle your big brother, he's trying to tear the house apart (sweep the floor with his yellow broom).

Mommy, Daddy and Eli love you!

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