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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Jeez, 26 weeks!

How did we get this far already, baby girl?

I swear I just found out about you yesterday, and now we've only got roughly 13ish weeks to go, I know you're a little girl, and you love to kick/punch me in some very uncomfortable places (and you are doing so as I type this right now).

Daddy and I haven't really narrowed down names, yet.  Daddy likes Russian girl names, which is funny because I love them, I just never really thought he was into them.  We've been tossing a few around (Mika, Mischa, stuff like that) but I worry about pronunciation and teasing, I don't want you to have a hard time just because of the name mommy and daddy gave you.

I get scared sometimes, when you don't move as much as you have been, or you go long periods of time without kicking me.  I need that reassurance to know you are okay, because I already love you so much and can't stand the thought of you not being with us.  I need to see your face, you eyes, you chest moving up and down as you take glorious breaths, your tiny little hands curled up into baby fists, long chicken legs and tiny feet.  I need to see you ALIVE.  So please, promise me that will happen.  Because I need YOU.

Love always,
Mommy, Daddy, and Eli

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