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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


You have a name!  Your daddy and I both love it, and even your big brother is learning how to say it.  Mischa, it means God's gift which you most certainly are.  I'm still iffy on your middle name because it sounds almost identical to your cousin's name and that really bothers me.  I'm human enough to admit that I don't like your daddy's sister so I don't want her thinking she had anything to do with your beautiful name.

We had a checkup yesterday and like usual you were being stubborn for the doc, he had a hard time finding your heartbeat but when he did it was like a war drum!  Loud and clear, little girl.  Your big brother got to hear it too and he thought it was so fun.

We've only got about two months before we meet baby girl, can you believe how fast it's going?  I can't.  We don't have your crib set up yet and we're in the middle of painting your room.  Daddy dropped a gallon of paint on your carpet yesterday and now you have a nice grey stain on the floor, but at least it matches the wall, right?

We love you, Mischa.  Keep growing big and healthy.

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